Since the committee was unable to reach agreement, $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts divided equally among defense and domestic spending is set to take effect starting in 2013.Some in Congress want to undo those cuts, particularly to defense spending, but Mr. Obama said he would not accept that. He called on Congress to come up with a deal in Ugg Boots Neumel the next year to avoid that.

Mr. Obama called on Congress to come up with what he called a „balanced“ plan that includes both spending cuts and tax increases, and he blamed Republicans for the supercommittee’s inability to strike a deal.



„They continue to insist on protecting $100 billion worth of tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans, at any cost, even if it means reducing the deficit with deep cuts to things like education and medical research,uggvypredaj even if it means deep cuts in Medicare,“ he said. „So at this point at least, they simply will not budge Ugg Boots South Africa from that negotiating position. And so far, that refusal continues to be the main stumbling block that has prevented Congress from reaching an agreement to further reduce our deficit.